• Post time: Jul-18-2020

    Industrial sponge products There are many types of sponge used in industrial production, such as foam cotton, memory cotton, fixed cotton, rubber cotton and other sponge products. Recycled cotton Recycled cotton is made from waste cotton, industrial scraps and cloth and ...Read more »

  • Post time: Jun-02-2020

    The yellowing of polyurethane sponge has long been a problem that troubles sponge manufacturers. Many sponge manufacturers, especially some high-end sponge manufacturers have tried to improve the anti-yellowing performance of sponge by adding antioxidant and light stabilizer, but the effect is no...Read more »

  • Post time: Jun-02-2020

    Compression sponge is also called compression cotton , which full name is high-heat compression sponge and is an important type of sponge.It is mainly made by hot pressing of foreign imported devices at high temperature, which has very good oil resistance, high tensile strength, moderate hardness...Read more »